The pre-launch sale will last until 250 licenses are sold or until REIBLADE launches to the public, whichever comes first.  Once either event occurs, REIBLADE will only be available to the public by signing up for one of our  monthly subscriptions options.  

That’s no problem.  You will only pay the difference between what you would have paid on a monthly subscription for your current subscription level and the new monthly subscription amount.   

All data transmission between your browser and our secure cloud environment are 256 AES encrypted with an SSL certificate.  All traffic is protected using a cloud proxy security layer which scans all traffic and prevent any suspicious actors from ever even reaching our cloud’s firewall.  We employ Amazon’s cloud security stack which is used protect the Nasdaq, Netflix, Liberty Mutual, and many other notable organizations.  

Yes, you will be able to export your data to csv files.   This feature will become available upon launch or soon after.

We plan to launch REIBLADE in approximately 90 days to our customers who purchased during our pre-launch sale.  However, we will notify you if we have earlier version available for you to begin using.  We’re looking forward to your feedback.  

You will only pay the different in the monthly subscription cost.  For example, let’s assume the 25 door price is $99/ mo. and the 99 door price is $199 / mo., (pricing has not yet been finalized) you would pay the difference between the two subscription prices, which in this case is $100 / mo.