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The Go-To App for Real Estate Investors

Imagine having every detail about the real estate you own in one place from financial performance, to documentation to investors?  REIBLADE helps you build a real estate business like the pros at a fraction of the cost.

We built in every feature that we wanted such as the ability to create notes about a project during a rehab or while it is on the market to be rented and instantly communicate that detail to our investors. We found creating quarterly reports, while being an absolute necessity, is a time intensive activity. Now  you can click a button, write a few lines of text and quarterly reports are automatically generated and sent to your investors. 

With the time you will save using REIBLADE you can have the time, reports and tools to focus on and close your next deal. Enter the specs for the project whether it is one asset or a dozen and automatically generate a prospectus with it’s own URL  that can be used to market your next project to investors.

REIBLADE also builds your professionalism and credibility by creating a single page eyeball pleasing custom track record with charts, graphs and financial measures such as Cap Rate, Yield, IRR, ROI, Annualized ROI and Equity Multiple. Performance records can be built around your entire portfolio or sliced and diced into groupings such as location, asset type or time periods. These tools are similar to what stock analysts use, but have never been available to real estate investors.

REIBLADE has many more features including a marketplace to sell your deals, robust document storage, powerful search tools, filters and more.

Find out everything REIBLADE has to offer by purchasing a lifetime license available for a limited time only.